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Distance from the Lord

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Have you ever found yourself feeling distant from God? Have you ever found yourself being the one who was doing the distancing?

Although it'd been happening slowly over time (under the radar). I found myself distancing myself from God.

Why would I do that you ask?

Well, short story I was mad and confused.

Long story, I was confused and mad at Him because he wasn't loving me the way I wanted to be loved. He wasn't giving me what I wanted him to give me, and I didn't think it was fair. I was suffering and I was tired of suffering, and I wanted a break, but not His way, my way.

Somewhere along the road I started to desire my will above His, and I was mad he didn't agree. (Crazy?! I know!🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️)

Somewhere along the road, I stopped trusting Him. I lost sight of his heart and who he is, and by whom He is I mean compassionate, faithful, loving and kind (to name a few).

I started to believe the lie that He didn't love me, which led me to become sad, angry, disobedient, and prideful.

My heart started to harden, and I even started to question myself and why it was that I believed.

I honestly don't know when or why it happened, but it did.

However, in God's sovereignty, He brought me back.

I got caught up in the legalistic, or better yet I got caught in the trap of believing His love and favor could be earned.

I felt like I was working hard, and he didn't notice, and that's what made me mad.

I say again I lost sight of His heart. That's not at all who our God is or how our relationship with Him works.

I was asked earlier this week if I thought knowing God's heart was important in life.

I sat and pondered for a minute, then my answer was yes.

Knowing His heart is important, it's the first step to falling in love with Him, which is necessary in this Christian walk. I mean let's be honest it would be kind of hard to abide in someone you didn't know, or even trust that they would abide in you.

If you ever find yourself in my shoes. First ask yourself, do I truly know the heart of the God I'm mad at? And if so, then why am I mad?







Photo by: Kai Bell

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