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Godly Wife Part 1: Help=Helpers

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So let's face it, friend. Being a godly wife has its challenges. But what if it's us that's the problem? Yep, I said it. Maybe we need to take a step back or even better stay quiet sometimes. I know it sounds harsh but let me explain.


I used to be dominant, stubborn, and mean all in one. A lot? I know right! However, it wasn't getting my marriage anywhere. My marriage was broken, empty, and quite frustrating if I can be honest.

One day, I finally decided to stop trying to do things my way. I fell to my knees and asked the Lord to transform my husband and I into the man and woman, he created us to be.


I prayed and prayed and prayed for the Lord to change our hearts and renew in us a new spirit. Well, He did! And it was great! I felt like a new person, a new woman!

But there was a small problem. It felt like He hadn't changed my husband yet. And I didn't know why. I had prayed for both of us, but it seemed as if my husband was still living in the flesh and acting the same.

I didn't understand. Why was he able to still do what he wanted? Why did I have to respond in love even when he didn’t? To always be submissive, and kind, and gentle. It just didn't seem fair.

Then one day in my alone time with the Lord. I finally mustered up the courage to ask, "Why?" And do you want to know what the Holy Spirit  told me?



He reminded me that as women, we were created to be our husbands "Helpers."

He also explained that if he didn't transform me first, then how was I going to be able to help my husband through his process.

My mind was blown! I was shook!

If the Lord made my husband strong and bold before he made me gentle and submissive our marriage would have stayed a disaster. I would have never understood and/or respected my husband’s position as head of the home I had to first be for lack of a better word "silenced" so my husband could hear the Lord's voice when he called his name. 



Photos courtesy of: Kai Bell 

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