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Identity Crisis

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  Where do I begin? I’ve been fighting with this for a while. The intimacy that is required in a relationship with Jesus is beautiful and scary all in one.

I’ve never felt this level of intimacy.


The vulnerability I'm experiencing wants me to crawl back into my shell, but every time I go to withdraw Jesus calls me back into communion with Him.



He pulled me out of a world I tried so hard to belong to. I used to feel like the odd ball out, like I was the black sheep.

Who knew that feeling of rejection should have been embraced?

I never felt like I belonged, and I wasn’t supposed to.

 This isn’t my home! This isn’t your home!


 Scripture says we are citizens of heaven.


We must know who we are in Christ! If we don’t know who we are for ourselves the world will try to define us, and if we’re not careful, we’ll let it.


These days, I feel a sense of spiritual awareness. It’s like I can feel the Holy Spirit and my sinful flesh fighting and tugging at me.


My flesh is trying to turn me back into who I used to be: Sad, confused, lost, worldly. 


I keep finding myself with my thoughts fixed on things of earth instead of things of heaven. (Colossians 3:2 NLT- Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.

I’m learning that for me to truly know who I am; I have to first get to know the One who created me.


When I started my journey, I was so fixated on my purpose and what the Lord wanted me to do.


 I felt like I wasted so much time, and I had to get to it. Faithfully, He's been lighting that path for me, and although grateful all I want to do is run back into our Father’s arms.


Pray for me as I get to know our Savior and learn who it is He created me to be.  


This journey is so beautiful!


Sometimes, it's painful, but there is always beauty; even through the pain!


My heart is a garden, and I sit eagerly and watch as He pulls up the weeds and cuts down the trees that bear bad fruit.


But He doesn’t leave those spots empty; He fills them. He replaces them with new seeds that will bear fruits of the Spirit.


Friend, I pray that the Lord softens your heart and reveals himself to you. I pray that He gives you a heart after His own. May you seek Him and his approval all the days of your life. And may you always look to Him to define who you are!


Jesus loves you! 



Photos courtesy of: Kai Bell

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