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Servant Heart

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When you think of servanthood what comes to mind? 
Who comes to mind?
I think of Ruth, King David, and Jesus to name a few. 
Giving without the expectation of receiving.
Ready and willing to give anything: time, money, food, shelter, etc. 
Whatever is needed you give it and if you can't. Pray for the Lord to send someone that can. 
When I think of a servant heart I think of a kind hearted person. A genuine, pure hearted person that wants to help people and love them the way our God intended. 
I aspire to be such a person. I pray to be such a person. 
When our Savior walked the earth he said that he didn't come to be served, but to serve. (Matthew 20:28 “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” NIV
Imagine that. 
Jesus Christ, the Son of God saying that He came to serve. 
I used to think that he meant to serve us. But first and foremost He was serving the Father. 
Jesus laying down his life was not only a act of love for us, but above all it was obedience and service to God. 
The world we live in despises service if we're not getting money or recognition for it. 
It's a shame. 
I wonder how many times the Lord presented us with opportunities to serve others that we didn't take because we weren't getting anything from it? 
Or how many times we entertained angels (Hebrews 13:2 NLT) and didn't leave a loving impression? 
When we serve people, we're really serving the Lord. We must never forget that!
In scripture, Jesus mentions that when we do for the least of our brothers and sisters we are doing it to Him. (Matthew 25:40- “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’" NIV)
How many times have we refused to serve when we should have or chose to serve but complained the entire time? 
Go back to the first question of the blog. 
When you think of servanthood, is complaining anywhere in the mix. If so, it shouldn't be. 
Think of biblical examples of servanthood.
They never complained about serving. Why? Because they knew that serving God's people meant serving Him. 
They knew that serving was an act of worship. Regardless of payment or a "thank you" they served with joy in their hearts. 
Never did they boast or complain about helping others or expect anything in return. 
I started to pray for the Lord to help me love and serve like him. 
In His faithfulness he answered my prayers and the pruning began (lol!). My heart was softened and left and right I was given opportunities to serve. 
I'd be lying if I said I didn't have moments of frustration and annoyance (He's still working on me). However, by the grace of God I'm aware those feelings are not ok. 
With His help I'll continue to lay my heart at His feet until serving others joyfully  becomes second nature. 
I encourage you to do the same if that transformation hasn't yet taken place. 
It's impossible to be Christ like and not have a servant heart.  

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