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Setting Boundaries Within Your Marriage

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Last week, I spent many days overwhelmed and anxious. Not sure what was happening to me, then little by little the Lord revealed to me what was going on and what needed to happen.

Things were starting to get a little hectic in our home (schedules, new responsibilities, house chores, etc.) and some boundaries needed to be set.

As I sat I realized I had set healthy boundaries within all of my important relationships except for one: my marriage.

Originally, the idea of setting boundaries in my marriage seemed odd to me. I didn't understand the concept, and I wasn't quite sure what it looked like.

In the past, I isolated boundaries to family and friends and those who have hurt me in the past. So the idea of setting boundaries within my marriage brought me guilt.

However, the more the Lord and I spoke the more he confirmed to me; it's essential in every relationship.

Having boundaries within my marriage would not only express love for myself, but it would also help my husband understand me and love me in the ways that I desire and vice versa.

I was ecstatic when the Lord revealed this to me, and I couldn't wait to share it with Kev (my husband, of course!😜)

So what did we do once we talked about it?

We grabbed our notebooks, and went to separate rooms, so we could write our list alone with the Lord.

The prompt question was this.
What are my wants, needs, and desires?

We agreed that once we were done we'd come back together and read them to one another.

By the time we were done sharing, apologies were said, tears were cried and at the end, kisses were given. 😘

It was great!

The vulnerability Jesus allowed us to share in that moment was everything we didn't know we needed.

If you haven't already set boundaries in your marriage, I highly recommend you try it.

  1. Seek God for his wisdom. Ask him to reveal your heart to you so you'll know what your wants, needs, and desires are.
  2. Have a conversation and make sure you both understand what boundaries are and why they're necessary. Both parties need to be all in for this activity to work.
  3. Grab a piece of paper, a pen, and go to separate rooms distraction free to write your list.
  4. Come back together and discuss your list. Be attentive and listen to your spouse as they speak.
  5. Pray together. Ask the Lord to keep your marriage in his hands and hold you both accountable as you respect each other's boundaries.

Have fun friend!💜

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